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27 July 2009 @ 02:38 pm
27 July 2009  
ALW Stage
* As previously reported, Broadwayworld.com announces Howard McGillin's July 25th departure from Broadway's POTO. At Playbill.com, as well.

ALW Sequel
* Variety reports that "Andrew Lloyd Webber's sequel to his unstoppable "Phantom of the Opera" was originally planned for a fall bow but is now on track to bow in London in the spring, likely bouncing its New York opening to fall 2010."

* poto_stillness announces the winners of challenge 177.

New Fanfiction
* Noemi and Erik: The Facebook Fights by Noemi Allete D. Erik/OW. Rated M.
* The Protector by Phantomlover. Kay/2004!film. Christine/Raoul, Erik/Christine, Erik/OW. Rated T.
* When Angels Forgive by WierdButNotInsane. Leroux/Kay/ALW. Erik/Christine. Rated T.

Fanfiction Updates
* Christine's Diary by PhantomsRose. Updated chapter 4.
* Kristina: A Fantasy by stefanie bean. Updated chapter 11.

Older Fanfic of the Day
* White Rose by Kang Xiu. Rated K.
Summary: In which Erik attempts to understand love by watching the Comte de Chagny and La Sorelli after performances.

As always, please send me links to news, discussions, new communities/rp's, fanfiction, and your fanfiction recommendations.
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almost certainly thinking about William Shatnermy_daroga on July 28th, 2009 10:49 pm (UTC)
Damn, I thought I fixed that. Thanks!