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14 July 2009 @ 03:12 pm
14 July 2009  
ALW Stage
* The Houston Chroncile says "Haunting theatricality marks Phantom".

* Horror-movies.ca reviews the 1989 film.

* forever77 shares their Gaston Leroux collection with some very cool cover art.
* silent_lorelei reviews Journey of the Mask by Nancy Hill Pettengill. Part two.

* 90 ALW icons by marmaladeskies at stage_potoicons.
* poto_stillness posts the results for Challenge 176 and the rules for Challenge 177.

* Posting of completed prompts has started at masked_ball.

New Fanfiction
* Romanticide by Phantomlover. Leroux/2004!film. Erik/OW. Rated T.

Older Fanfic of the Day
* Cosi Fan Tutte by Ione. Rated M.
Summary: Christine is a aspiring American librettist, living in a small town, who catches the eye of the recluse Erik, running from the ghosts of his past. If he has to kill a thousand men...he will do exactly that to have her.

As always, please send me links to news, discussions, new communities/rp's, fanfiction, and your fanfiction recommendations.