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21 July 2009 @ 08:35 am
21 July 2009  
ALW Stage
* 39 online interviews Tim Martin Gleason.
* The Houston Press briefly reviews Phantom.

* silent_lorelei reviews Phantom of the Megaplex.

* fiona64 announces that she will be interviewed about her new book on "All Things Phantom" on July 25th.

* 16 2004!film icons by iconfluence.
* 27 2004!film icons and 2 wallpapers by anakalaandrea.

Other Media
* Guide to Online Casino Slot Games from Real Time Gaming explains the Phantom of the Opera video slot machine. [I said this was "other," didn't I?]

Blog Posts/Discussion
* Lessons from the Phantom of the Opera discusses Heaven or Hell.

New Fanfiction
* Teacher of Music by Allison Cleckler. ALW. Christine/Other man, Christine/Raoul. Rated T.

Fanfiction Updates
* Another Mask At The Opera by Noemi Allete D, Phantomlover. Updated chapter 7.
* In All Your Fantasies by Knowhowtobelonely. Updated chapter 19.
* A Phantom Christmas Carol & Symphony in the Twilight by angel of mystery. Updated chapter 24.

Older Fanfic of the Day
* Christine's Tale by Jennaria. Rated T.
Summary: The Opera Ghost really existed, true. But M. de Chagny's version of events leaves out certain facts.

As always, please send me links to news, discussions, new communities/rp's, fanfiction, and your fanfiction recommendations.