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02 August 2009 @ 07:19 am
2 August 2009  
ALW Stage
* Houston Press reports on the close of Phantom in Houston.

Other Stage
* The The Fallbrook Bonsall Village News reports that the Yeston/Kopit Phantom opens August 12 at the Moonlight Amphitheatre in Vista, CA.

* 6 ALW!film icons by pooja_r.
* 14 Gerard/Emmy, 20 Gerard Butler, and 45 Emmy Rossum icons by anakaliaandrea.
* poto_stillness announces the rules for Challenge 178.

* pyewackettt in phantomfans wants to know your thoughts on Love Never Dies.

New Fanfiction
* My Fallen Angel by youreyesbetray. 2004!film. Erik/Christine, Raoul/Christine. Rated PG.

Fanfiction Updates
* Kristina: A Fantasy by stefanie bean. Updated chapter 12.
* The Way the Wind Blows the Barley by Angel of Roses. Updated chapter 13.

Older Fanfic of the Day
* A Defensive Situation by Kat097. Rated T.
Summary: When Raoul and Christine set out to destroy the evil of phanfiction, they enlist the help of Erik. Needless to say, things don't quite go to plan. Especially when Erik and Raoul discover the joys of phanfiction and inevitable wackiness ensues.

As always, please send me links to news, discussions, new communities/rp's, fanfiction, and your fanfiction recommendations.